Do what you love – a travel tip

Over the course of the last few months travelling  I have realised that if you deny doing what you love you won’t get as much enjoyment out of the travel itself. Sure if you are travelling then the travel and adventures themselves are probably one of your loves but hold on to the smaller things as well.

For example: I love to read. It’s a fantastic way to wind down after a long busy day of sightseeing, as well as if you are in transit on buses, trains or planes. If you are the same then I wouldn’t recommend lugging a real book around with you (too big and heavy, takes up precious pack space). Instead invest in an e-reader or even better, use your phone with an e-reader app! I use the standard Google Play Books which was pre-loaded on my Samsung. If you are also like me and can’t read while in motion (I can’t even read a page without feeling ill) then I find audio books to be fantastic!

Tom loves to play computer games. So he has some loaded onto his tablet (as well as many on his laptop, but the tablet is more accessible). For him playing games is unwinding and relaxing just like reading is for me. He has even plugged his laptop into the power on a first class bus (because some have  plugs under the seats, it’s quite handy) and happily played a game for an 8 hour bus trip. I slept that bus trip.

If you love to cook – Choose some accommodation which has kitchen facilities every now and again. Hostels and Airbnb rentals are good for this. Or go a step better and add cooking to your itinerary with some local cooking classes.

If you love to dance – Do some research and find out what sort of dancing is done in the area you are travelling through. Find a class and learn a new style or just go out to a club for a boogie.

If you love music – Load up an mp3 player or your phone with music. Check out what concerts and festivals are happening around you or just roam and discover the music of street buskers.

If you love sports – Check out the local favourite sport and go see a game or watch in a bar with a beer in hand. If you see a game being played in a park/beach or find out when and where team practices are, obviously ask to join in don’t just barge on in there. If you are staying in a hostel make some new friends and head out for a game of something.

If you love art – Visit museums and galleries, travel with a small sketchbook, take millions of photos and look at things from different perspectives.

If you love meeting new people – Talk, talk, talk! Stay in hostels, couch surf or rent a room in someone’s apartment on Airbnb. Go to markets and ask questions. Learning the local language will also help you a lot with this.

If you love your family/friends – Obviously you are on an adventure and they can’t fit in your pack but the internet and social media are your friends here. There is no excuse not to send a quick email or a message on Facebook/WhatsApp (unless you don’t have internet). Another cute option is the old school method; who doesn’t love to receive a postcard!

Overall I’ve found that it’s fun to go out, sightsee and discover new things but also make sure you take time for yourself to do what you love. That way you won’t be as likely to become stressed, homesick or exhausted. Stay true to yourself and have an amazing time on your travels!

Monarch's in the air

Monarch’s in the air