We are in Campeche

We are in Campeche

5 am wasn’t the nicest time to be arriving into a new place but as we were a little disorganised it wasn’t a completely bad thing. We had travelled from Palenque to Villahermosa and quickly decided that it wasn’t going to be the nicest place to spend a few days so we jumped back onto an overnight bus to Campeche. So there we were, in town before a lot of things opened, well before the sun was up. Given the amount of day we had in front of us you would think that finding accommodation would be easy. Not so. A lot of the hotels were over our budget here and the ones which weren’t were unsure if they had private rooms available until midday when guests were due to check-out. So we detoured to eat breakfast at the only food place we could find. After re-energising with an eggy breakfast we found a hotel which looked good and were able to leave our packs at reception.

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Windy Veracruz

I'm in Veracruz!

I’m in Veracruz!

Arriving into Veracruz we were relieved to find the weather to be much cooler. This was such a relief after the mid-forties and humid temperatures of Papantla. But although the temperature was more our style Veracruz had other crazy weather conditions prepared for us; it was blowing a gale with grey clouds threatening to rain at any moment.

We hadn’t booked any accommodation but had done our usual research online for some reasonably priced hotels and their locations. The ADO bus stations we have been using since Puebla have WiFi so we hung out for a while to see what looked suitable online. Tom was the brains behind our eventual accommodation in Veracruz. For once we didn’t search centrally but instead decided on the hotel right behind the bus station without even looking at other hotels for comparison. It was a bit of a splurge for us but the nice sheets, mattress, pillows and bathroom made it so worth while. The hotel even had room service, which we didn’t use but it’s nice to have the option right? I wish I could carry this room into all the places we visit now and in the future it was such a nice change. Continue reading

Puerto Vallarta – a rough start.

The Seahorse statue on the Malecon in P.V

The Seahorse statue on the Malecon in P.V

So our first long distance bus didn’t go well, a short time into the trip I got travel sick, and continued to be sick for the whole remainder of the bus ride. Not fun.

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta and it was significantly warmer than Guadalajara, so we stripped off our warmer layers, popped our packs on our back (very gingerly for me as I could barely function) and walked out of the station. Tom hailed a bus and asked if he was going to Zona Romantica, the answer: “Si”, something in Spanish with hand gestures which we interpreted as “Yes, but in a roundabout way”, so on we jumped. I was very, very nervous about getting straight back on a bus (especially a local one) after the previous few hours, but the windows were open for a cool breeze and we were seated right at the front so had great vision. The bus was dodgy and the roads bumpy but somehow I perked up and we made it to our hostel. Continue reading