Eventful Acapulco

Warning this post contains an event which may make some people uncomfortable. Also a slightly gory photo (towards the end), read on at your own risk. Needless to say Acapulco was eventful, hence the title of this post!

Travelling to Acapulco we passed another Army checkpoint where we were stopped. This time Tom was required to leave the bus and assist as the bags, ours included, in the compartment under the bus were all unpacked and checked. The inside of the bus was also checked making this the most intense stop we had experienced on a bus so far.

Acapulco we soon found out was busy and a lot bigger than expected. We didn’t have any accommodation booked but had a location to check out near Playa Caleta. Those places were all a failure and as we headed back to the bus (sore and sweaty with our packs still on our backs) we found a helpful taxi driver who offered (for a fee of course) to drive us around some hotels closer to the zocalo. We decided on a cheap local hotel. A budget hotel but clean and in an OK place across the road from the bay near the Zocalo in Old Acapulco.

Looking north along the beach

Looking north along the beach

Exhausted from the search for accommodation we ate at the restaurant right outside the hotel, a little overpriced for our buritos but at that moment we didn’t care. Continue reading