Bienvenido a Guadalajara

Hola, we made it to Guadalajara! It took us three flights, a 14 hour stop over in LAX, a public bus and a taxi to arrive exhausted at our hostel. In the departure lounge we befriended two Aussie girls who were also backpacking, they could speak passable Spanish and together we all made the mission to the bus stop to get a local bus to the old bus station. The bus was a grand total of 12 Peso (less than $1.50) and being morning rush hour it kept filling up with locals until no more could fit, we were seriously squished in and had our packs on our knees. An entertaining and honest observation we made was the passengers who boarded the bus from the rear door would pass their money person by person to the driver, if correct change was not given, change would then do the same thing in reverse.

When we arrived it was 9 am and thankfully our room was ready and we could settle in earlier than the designated time getting in a few hours of much needed sleep. After our nap we groggily ventured out to explore the Centro Historico. There were people everywhere, and we appeared to be the only tourists surrounded by Spanish speaking locals as we walked through the plaza on our search for food.

Catedral Metropolitana in Centro Historico, Gaudalajara

Catedral Metropolitana in Centro Historico, Gaudalajara

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