Taxco es muy tranquilo

After happily leaving Acapulco we arrived in Taxco, a quaint colonial town perched on the side of a hill in Guerrero state. From the bus station we had no accommodation booked but knew there was heaps of hotels located around the zocalo. The problem was that the zocalo was up the hill from the station, up a steep hill in fact. Knowing that it would only be a short climb of about 500 meters we set off. Wow was it steep, even without my sore toe which was bandaged and jammed into my walking shoes it would’ve been a mission. But we made it with only minimal sweatiness and no other issues. Oh and if you are wondering why I have a sore toe check out our blog post on Acapulco.

Santa Prisca Cathedral

Santa Prisca Cathedral

Again taking up the assistance of a local, this time by foot we set off around a few streets until we came across a hotel where we were offered an apartment instead of a room. A bedroom, bathroom and a small kitchen sounded great and the small space suited us perfectly. Knowing that I’d need a few days to regain full walking capabilities with my wounded toe we paid for a week and settled in.

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