Via our longest, windiest bus journey yet we made it to Colima; with no travel sickness. Although an 11.5 hour bus trip sounds tedious it actually went by relatively quickly and we passed though some gorgeous mountainous scenery. There were many armed checkpoints on the way but we were only stopped at one. An armed officer boarded the bus and asked to see a few peoples id’s, ours included, and then the bus was allowed to continue. All in all we were stopped for less than five minutes and once the officer saw our New Zealand passports he wasn’t very interested in us.

Arriving at about 7pm without a reservation at a hotel or hostel was one of our less than successful ideas. We had an address of a hostel with great reviews which we headed for. On arrival the place had no lights on an no one seemed to be home. Quite strange for a hostel with an apparent 24 hour desk. So with nothing else to do we hefted out packs back towards centro and found a cheap hotel for a few nights.

Pretty building

Pretty building

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