Useful packing items – Resealable bags

Just finished packing my bag and I’ve found myself with a spare few moments as I wait for Tom to finish doing the same. He gets distracted by the internet/games so usually takes a little longer than me.

So I thought I’d tell you all about one of the most helpful and easy to carry items in my pack: Snap lock bags. Also known as zip lock or resealable bags etc etc. Not sure how these were missed off my post about useful travel items but here they are now. If you want to read that post you can check it out here

When we left New Zealand I had probably 50 of these with me in various sizes. A little over the top perhaps but they are so helpful. Now that we are five months into our trip I still have some left but not a huge amount.

Here are some of the things I’ve used them for:

  • Food (obviously) – I’ve put leftovers in them, as well as mixing oats, fruits and nuts to make muesli in one as well. Currently we have one in use for all the small condiments which we have collected like tomato sauce. Our oil is carefully sealed in one as well, definitely don’t want that leaking.
  • Liquid items – to protect my pack I use large snap locks for my conditioner, moisturiser and sunscreen. These I definitely don’t want to see ooze through the rest of my belongings.
  • Underwear – Even though I use packing cells it’s handy to have them separate. This way I can also see when I’m getting low and need to do some handwashing.
  • Laundry powder – On the subject of handwashing I have carried small bags of laundry detergent with me for our washing.
  • Electronics – Tom has all his plugs, cables and chargers inside a bag for easy access.
  • Shoes – Just in case there is dirt on the soles of my shoes I pop them inside a large bag. This also makes them quite easy to squish together.
  • Travel sick bags – Probably an over share but when you need it you need it.
  • Pills – Keeping various medications out of the way and in one place. Including the side of the box with the prescription sticker is a good idea for travelling as well.
  • Wet clothes – Such as swimwear if it hasn’t dried in time. No point getting the rest of your clothes salty and damp.
  • Beach bag – For anything you want to keep dry: change of clothes, phone, camera, money or food.

So I have a bit of a love for resealable bags. Even before traveling they were a well used item in my kitchen. Just remember that these are plastic so for the good of the environment try reuse them as well!

Does anyone else swear by these on their travels? What’s the weirdest way you have used one?


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