Puebla and Cholula

So after five weeks in one place we finally finished up in Mexico City and moved on. Not far mind you, Puebla was a short two hour bus trip and we arrived without fuss. Getting to our accommodation (again airbnb) was another issue entirely. A nice gentleman helpfully informed us that we could take a local bus then the new Metrobus line to get where we needed to go. Being brand new the Metrobus was even free the entire time we stayed in Puebla which was great. The only problem was that it was rush hour and the buses were packed full like sardine cans. Boarding with our packs was a mission and we finally squished on one. The weight of the pack plus the other people crammed shoulder to shoulder around us was quite unpleasant to say the least. We finally made it to our stop and popped out from the press of bodies in the bus into fresh air.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral

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Mexico City – Fifth and final week

Our Mexico City story continues. If you haven’t checked out the other sights we have visited and fun we have had in Mexico City please look at my posts for week one, week two and weeks three and four by clicking on these links.

So we extended our accommodation again here in Condesa. The area and apartment was so lovely and relaxing, also we still had places to see on our list (not to mention food in the fridge which needed eaten). Our other reasoning was that we needed time to assess our options from here onwards so wanted a day or two in front of the computer to plan. At least that was the idea, we definitely spent time in front of the computer (and phone and tablet) but it was more playing games, reading and watching movies than researching. Whoops, oh well, at least we are stress-free. A positive note was that we did accomplish all the items on our large Mexico City to-do list so I’ll tell you a little about those places. This should be a short post as we mainly had late starts and we also spent a few days being social rather than sightseeing. All in all a lovely final week in the biggest city I’ve ever been to.

Bellas Artes by night

Bellas Artes by night

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Mexico City – Weeks Three and Four

If you haven’t already read about our previous weeks in Mexico City click the below links for week one and two.

Our remaining weeks in Mexico City went by in a blur. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in the trendy suburb of Hipódromo. Squished between La Condesa and Roma, it’s super convenient to food, Metro/Metrobús and right beside the Parque Mexico (or Parque de los Perros as we think of it). One major observation about this area was that everyone seemed to own at least one dog. The park was always full of them out for a walk at all times of day. They are some of the most obedient and well socialised dogs I’ve ever seen. Lots of super cute ones as well!

View over Condesa from our accomodation

View over Condesa from our accommodation

I’m surprised that we spent a total of five weeks here in Mexico City. It is a big city, but I’m just not entirely sure where some of the days disappeared to. In that respect I’ve become a little confused about the order in which we visited things so I’ll describe our favourites in detail but breeze over some of the others. Continue reading

Do what you love – a travel tip

Over the course of the last few months travelling  I have realised that if you deny doing what you love you won’t get as much enjoyment out of the travel itself. Sure if you are travelling then the travel and adventures themselves are probably one of your loves but hold on to the smaller things as well.

For example: I love to read. It’s a fantastic way to wind down after a long busy day of sightseeing, as well as if you are in transit on buses, trains or planes. If you are the same then I wouldn’t recommend lugging a real book around with you (too big and heavy, takes up precious pack space). Instead invest in an e-reader or even better, use your phone with an e-reader app! I use the standard Google Play Books which was pre-loaded on my Samsung. If you are also like me and can’t read while in motion (I can’t even read a page without feeling ill) then I find audio books to be fantastic!

Tom loves to play computer games. So he has some loaded onto his tablet (as well as many on his laptop, but the tablet is more accessible). For him playing games is unwinding and relaxing just like reading is for me. He has even plugged his laptop into the power on a first class bus (because some have  plugs under the seats, it’s quite handy) and happily played a game for an 8 hour bus trip. I slept that bus trip.

If you love to cook – Choose some accommodation which has kitchen facilities every now and again. Hostels and Airbnb rentals are good for this. Or go a step better and add cooking to your itinerary with some local cooking classes.

If you love to dance – Do some research and find out what sort of dancing is done in the area you are travelling through. Find a class and learn a new style or just go out to a club for a boogie.

If you love music – Load up an mp3 player or your phone with music. Check out what concerts and festivals are happening around you or just roam and discover the music of street buskers.

If you love sports – Check out the local favourite sport and go see a game or watch in a bar with a beer in hand. If you see a game being played in a park/beach or find out when and where team practices are, obviously ask to join in don’t just barge on in there. If you are staying in a hostel make some new friends and head out for a game of something.

If you love art – Visit museums and galleries, travel with a small sketchbook, take millions of photos and look at things from different perspectives.

If you love meeting new people – Talk, talk, talk! Stay in hostels, couch surf or rent a room in someone’s apartment on Airbnb. Go to markets and ask questions. Learning the local language will also help you a lot with this.

If you love your family/friends – Obviously you are on an adventure and they can’t fit in your pack but the internet and social media are your friends here. There is no excuse not to send a quick email or a message on Facebook/WhatsApp (unless you don’t have internet). Another cute option is the old school method; who doesn’t love to receive a postcard!

Overall I’ve found that it’s fun to go out, sightsee and discover new things but also make sure you take time for yourself to do what you love. That way you won’t be as likely to become stressed, homesick or exhausted. Stay true to yourself and have an amazing time on your travels!

Monarch's in the air

Monarch’s in the air

Mexico City – Week Two

Week two in Mexico City was spent in the south at the house of my extended family here. It was a fantastic week where we were able to get to know my mum’s cousin, her husband and their two gorgeous daughters. Over the course of the week we were looked after and spoilt. It was a lovely change to living out of our backpacks in budget hotels.  I sincerely hope that one day we can repay the favour by doing the same for them in New Zealand.

In order to get there we had to take a Metro and then the Tren Ligero. This was an easy trip to make but with packs on it became quite uncomfortable. An hour to an hour and a half standing with our packs on wasn’t the most fun but at least the trains weren’t too busy at that time. Continue reading

Mexico City – Week One

So we finally made it to Mexico City! It’s been four months and 15 destinations since we left New Zealand and longer still since we quit our jobs and left Australia behind. Needless to say all routine is gone out the window and we travel planning only a day maybe two ahead of ourselves.

The zocalo and the cathedral

The zocalo and the cathedral

Arriving by bus we drove through what felt like endless city before arriving at the northern bus station. Being one of the top 10 largest cities in the world it’s not surprising that it feels huge. So far we have had no issues with getting around; using the metro, tren ligero, bus and of course our feet we can get ourselves anywhere we need to. Straight after arriving we were off on multiple metro lines to reach our airbnb accommodation in the San Cosme area.

The city to the south west

The city to the south west

The metro was busy (as always) but we had no issue with our packs. Once off the metro it was a short two block walk to the apartment where we met our host, a cool American girl who was a similar age to us and settled into our room. Continue reading