Uruapan, Paricutin Volcano and Tingambato

We made if from Patzcuaro to the larger city of Uruapan, still in the state of Michoacán, and still with travel advisory warnings. This area definitely had a different feel to it. The drive between the two was very pretty and the closer to Uruapan we got the more avocado trees we saw. Yum avocado! This was our first stop where we didn’t have accommodation pre-booked. We had some places loaded on our phone and once we made it to centro we walked around (yes with our packs on) until we found a suitably priced hotel. Not as tricky as it sounds, we were probably only looking for 30 minutes so I didn’t die from the weight of my bag. The hotel we decided on was on a street parallel to the main street. After dumping our bags we left to find food, settling on the easy option of tacos.

I was a little cautious about Uruapan. The area was a bit more dodgy than Patzcuaro and it was much bigger and dirtier. There was also a large and obvious heavily armed police presence here. All the pricier hotels had an armed police officer at the door for the protection of the guests. Luckily we saw and heard nothing untoward in our three nights here and actually saw some cool stuff. Continue reading


Patzcuaro and surrounding towns

From Morelia we ended up getting a taxi from the bus stop to Patzcuaro, being the same price as the bus and quicker we thought this would be a good idea. The driver was crazy, I swear he was driving at minimum 140kmh for the whole trip, although I have no way of actually knowing because the speedo was broken. This has been the sole time I have felt in any danger in all the time we have been travelling up to this point. So we just held on (oh and there were no seatbelts) and hoped for the best. Luckily the distance between Morelia and Patzcuaro is 40km so only a 20 minute drive.

Patzcuaro and lake

Patzcuaro and lake

The taxi dropped us at the bus station and we piled out very quickly grabbing our packs. It was a short walk to our accommodation which ended up being equidistant between the bus station and centro, very helpful. Although called a hostel the house had more of an Air-bnb vibe to it.  The couple who ran it were super friendly and the house fit our needs perfectly i.e. it had a good kitchen, was very cheap and we had a private bathroom. Continue reading