A day trip to Leon

This post has sat sadly in our drafts folder for a while now so I thought I’d publish it first, it’s a little out of order as we were in Guanajuato for a few weeks before spending the day in Leon. Our post on the five (yes five!) weeks we spent in Guanajuato will come soon, promise!

Feliz año nuevo everyone! We have been quiet for the last month due to our stay in Guanajuato, we made the decision to stick around for a month and learn some Spanish. But I’ll post more on that soon… This is just a small post about our day trip to Leon, a larger city about 40 minutes from Guanajuato. We were lucky enough to have two of our new friends here offer us a ride as they were heading there as well.

The reason we visited Leon was for the leather district; if you like bags, shoes, jackets, gloves, hats, cowboy boots or belts it is fantastic! We spent approximately five hours wandering the streets and alleys with hundreds of shops full to bursting with leather goods before retiring to a restaurant to eat tacos. We tried a new flavour of agua fresca made with rice called Horchata. It has become a new favourite, because it tastes like Christmas; with cinnamon, milk and spices.

We didn’t leave the district empty-handed, I brought a leather jacket and not one but two pairs of boots, in total these cost $1800 peso (no more than $180 aud) which I consider a bargain. At the moment I’m still unsure how they are going to fit into my pack…

After wearing ourselves out with all the shopping we drove into the centro to see the heart of Leon. Our first stop was the church which appeared to be having a busy evening with three weddings occurring (that we saw) one after the other. The brides looked stunning in beautiful, puffy, strapless Cinderella dresses, and a majority of the female guests in floor length dresses. The church itself is an amazing colour; almost a pastel green and pink stone.

We walked towards the main plaza in which the architecture and the crowd of people reminded me of Guadalajara. The plaza still had it’s huge nativity scene complete with a flowing river, many coloured lights and the recently arrived Three Kings which stood at human height. Wandering the plaza we saw a new sight; police on segways, not wanting to get told off I restrained myself from taking a photo. Around the corner was another church, the cathedral this time, having a busy night with a mass for the graduating Medicine students.

One of my pairs of boots from the Leon leather district

One of my pairs of boots from the Leon leather district

After a busy, crazy day shopping we needed some beers and stopped at a ‘pub’ style bar. Some of the bars in Mexico will provide nibbles with your drinks and we happily munched away on chicharron, chips, queso, nuts and ham while drinking our beers. I could get used to this!

It was about 9pm and we were heading back to the car to return to Guanajuato but first…time to indulge my sweet tooth with some ice cream. We had seen the local nieves (ice creams) around but hadn’t tried them yet, so we stopped to get some for the drive. My first and second choices were out of stock so I tried a walnut one and Tom tried a Kahlua ish flavour. They were pretty tasty, I’ll definitely be sampling more in the future.


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