From Queretaro we farewelled our last first class bus for a while. We have been travelling with Primera Plus and boy have they been cushy; more leg room and recline than an aeroplane, power sockets and lunch (just sandwich, cookies and drink but hey I won’t say no).

We were on our way to Morelia, another large-ish city in the state of Michoacán. I know what you are probably thinking: “but that state has travel advisory warnings!” which we were aware of, and promptly ignored in order to visit the places we wanted to see. You will notice that the next few places I blog about will also be in this state, but don’t worry we are fine and nothing untoward happened while there. If anything these areas have been quite quiet and relaxing for us to see, but there were definitely not many (if any) other tourists. We did take some precautions with our money and purposely ran low with the amount of Peso we were carrying, spreading it around our belongings a little more and using our locks more diligently.



Morelia Cathedral

Morelia Cathedral

But back to Morelia! We had a rough start when we turned up at our hostel and they had no reserved booking for us. I had made this on Hostelbookers and we had had no other issues previously when using this website. The guy at the hostel spoke no English but we managed to communicate with him enough to get two beds in a dorm for the night, luckily without anyone else in the room. We attempted to do some internet searching to find other accommodation but the WiFi was too crap for this to have much success. So feeling pretty annoyed and cranky we left to see the city. Continue reading


The aqueduct

The aqueduct

Time for a slightly bigger city!

We journeyed the short distance from San Miguel de Allende to Queretaro by yet another bus. The trip itself only took a short time, even though it was our first experience via a second class bus, and a lot of that was travelling through the outskirts of Queretaro. Seeing a large city of almost two million was a little shocking, we hadn’t been somewhere this busy since our arrival in Guadalajara. But the same theory applied to our arrival in this city as every other; first goal (after groaning about our packs) was to locate the bus to centro. The easy thing about Mexico we have found is that all cities have a “centre”. Yes you are probably thinking well that applies to most cities around the world, maybe it’s the language barrier but it is so comforting to know that if we hail a bus and ask “Centro?” then we can return to somewhere near where we are staying without stress.

Us with the Pena de Bernal in the background

Us with the Pena  de Bernal in the background

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San Miguel de Allende

After nearly six weeks in Guanajuato it was time to say a sad goodbye and head onto new places in search of new adventures.  As amazing as Guanajuato had been to us it was beginning to become a little too comfortable and far to easy to stick around.  Our first stop after Guanajuato was only a short trip down to road to San Miguel de Allende (SMA). Although a new place and another beautiful colonial town SMA was not a huge ‘adventure’. The town itself has one of the higher percentages of American residents in all of Mexico, for us this meant a few things: lots of English spoken and tourism targeted at Americans meaning a higher prices.

Vista of SMA with the Parroquia and centro

Vista of SMA with the Parroquia and centro

We had booked a hostel with no fuss which was a short walk to the centro with all the churches and plazas which always accompany town centres here. The Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel is quite stunning, I regularly compared it to a Disney castle although it is a church. It is made of a pinkish stone and almost glows during the sunset.

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Guanajuato and learning Español

Hola, I can say that with a little more confidence now.

From Puerto Vallarta we had a long trip back to Guadalajara bus station and onwards to Guanajuato, about eight hours in total with no travel sickness to be seen (I dozed most of it). We had booked four nights in an Air Bnb house and arrived in darkness. The taxi to meet our host seemed surreal with the street lights illuminating the crazy steep streets before plunging into multiple tunnels which thread their way underneath the city. We soon learnt that the city is built in a valley on an old silver mining area which once produced a third of all the worlds silver.  An impressive history alone without adding that it is very important place for Mexican independence (apologies if I summarised the history badly, I’m not much of a historian).

Colourful houses all over the hillside

Our days here went quick, the city has a small town vibe which livens up when the students are not on semester breaks. It’s hard to believe that it has a similar population to my home town of Dunedin. We walked a lot! As the city is built in a valley the few main streets are on the flat but everywhere else quickly turns into a slope up the hills.  I think to live here you probably need to be at least half mountain goat. The lovely thing about the layout of the town is the amount of callejones (alleys) which are pedestrian only, so walking is the only way to reach a lot of places. Continue reading

A day trip to Leon

This post has sat sadly in our drafts folder for a while now so I thought I’d publish it first, it’s a little out of order as we were in Guanajuato for a few weeks before spending the day in Leon. Our post on the five (yes five!) weeks we spent in Guanajuato will come soon, promise!

Feliz año nuevo everyone! We have been quiet for the last month due to our stay in Guanajuato, we made the decision to stick around for a month and learn some Spanish. But I’ll post more on that soon… This is just a small post about our day trip to Leon, a larger city about 40 minutes from Guanajuato. We were lucky enough to have two of our new friends here offer us a ride as they were heading there as well.

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Long time no posts – Sorry!

Well it’s been quite some time since we have posted any news of our adventures, we have been through many cities and towns but are still currently in Mexico. As today is the first really miserable weather day we have had so far we thought it would be perfect to update you all while trying to stay snug and warm.

Since our last post from Puerto Vallarta we have been to:

  • Guanajuato – completed click here to read
  • A day trip to Leon – also completed – read it
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Queretaro
  • Morelia
  • Patzcuaro

So we have a bit of work to do and hundreds of photos to look at and add to the posts as well.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

Lauren and Tom xox