Bye Dunedin!

This post has sat in my drafts for over a week now, so better late than never here is briefly what we got up to in our 10 days in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Early last Friday morning we left sunny (cough cough) Dunedin and headed to Nelson. When planning our time in New Zealand we were looking at methods of transport between the two cities, in the past we had always flown but with flights $200 each we decided to find a different way. Tom is a star and was researching transferring hire cars between Dunedin and Nelson, each morning he would check the website diligently until he found one between Christchurch and Nelson. That’s half our trip, so we snatched up the deal. For those who don’t know transfer cars are cars which hire companies need relocated, so you can get an absolute bargain on your transport costs. In our case it was a two day relocation, free tank of petrol and a maximum of 900km distance, great if you want to squeeze in a little sightseeing on the way.

The Rhododendron Dell at the Botanic Gardens

The Rhododendron Dell at the Botanic Gardens

Tom checked the transfer cars up until a week until we had to be in Nelson but nothing popped up for Dunedin to Christchurch, so we booked a bus for that part of the trip, not the fastest method but by far the cheapest. So we arrived in Nelson for a grand total of $70, not including the food we ate along the way.

But back to Dunedin, if you check out my previous post Dunedin Five Favourites, you will see a selection of touristy activities which are still fun and interesting even if you aren’t a tourist. Of these we visited the Botanic Gardens on one of the infrequent fine days we had and the Otago Settlers Museum on one of the less fine days.

The majority of the time we spent in Dunedin was catching up with friends and family, this tended to always be associated with food. We had Vietnamese, Yum Cha, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Indian and a good old kiwi BBQ was not to be missed out on either. All of the foods we may miss while travelling. One rainy day I spent baking, which I’ll miss while we are backpacking, so there was gingerbread for all.

My parents front garden. Gloomy weather but bright flowers

My parents front garden. Gloomy weather but bright flowers

All in all Dunedin didn’t disappoint; it was mostly cold (including sleet and hail) with a day or two of palatable weather. I saw most of the people and sights I had planned and the days flew by as predicted.

Goodbye for now Dunedin I’ll miss you – Lauren


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