Perth – Five Favourites

Hello and welcome to our first Five Favourites post, this is where we will attempt to do a quick post detailing our five favourite things we have experienced in an area, zone, country, city, town or region.

We thought it would be fitting to start with the place we are leaving and that we have called home for the last three and a half years (four and a half for Tom).

So here it is, our top five favourite things to see and do in Perth, Western Australia.

Black swans in Lake Monger - Perth

Black swans in Lake Monger – Perth

Other places we enjoy which haven’t made the cut are: Caversham Wildlife Park to pat some kangaroo, Kings Park for a nice walk close to the city (and to see wild flowers in spring) and Fremantle for the markets, older architecture and the prison tours.

5. Rottnest Island. Only Tom has been here, and countless guests we have had staying with us. It’s not an inexpensive ferry across to the island but is worthwhile to see the cute Quokka’s (endangered marsupials). Biking around the island or taking a boat out to snorkel are both activities which have been recommended. Accommodation is available for a price and gives you a little longer to enjoy and soak up the environment.

4. Swan Valley. If you can’t justify travelling down south (see number one spot) then take a day trip to Swan Valley. It’s smaller but you can easily visit in a day from Perth, just make sure you have a designated driver or join a tour group.

We recommend: recently we visited and the highlights were Mash Brewery for some excellent award winning beer and a nice lunch spot, Lancaster Wines, Ugly Duckling Wines and Olive Farm Wines which is the oldest winery in the Swan Valley. The mini golf/super golf courses beside Mash Brewery are great fun as well.

Grape vines in Swan Valley

Grape vines in Swan Valley

Some 'mild' rapids in Swan Valley

Some ‘mild’ rapids in Swan Valley

3. Beaches. In a region know for it’s weather you really must go to the beach. In saying that I wasn’t a huge fan of the beaches; too many dumpy waves right at the shore and shark sightings for me. The water is bliss on a 40+ degree day though. We never got a chance to try out paddle boarding but there are more and more people trying it out around Perth. We can’t speak about the surf in Perth area as neither of us are surfers but Perth beaches’ do have a reputation for decent waves (dodging sharks aside).

2. Perth Zoo. A small zoo, but well laid out and a really lovely day out. We visited here with friends of ours in our last few days in Perth and had a great afternoon wandering through the different zones. This is a place we visit about twice a year while living in Perth, it never gets old and we always see something new. The zoo is constantly updating their enclosures to improve viewing and the animals’ environments.

We recommend: buy some picnic style food and spread a blanket on the grass for a nice day, remember the sunscreen. For a more hands-on alternative visit Caversham Wildlife Park to get up close and personal with kangaroos, wombats, koalas and other local species.

1. Margaret River Wine Region. Yes, we know it’s technically not in Perth but it’s a very achievable drive on a Friday evening to spend a beautiful weekend away from the city. We have managed to do this trip about once each year, it’s always enjoyable and we ALWAYS come back with lots of delicious wine.

We recommend: do a wine tour, that way no one is the designated driver and everyone can partake in the wine sampling, or the micro breweries for beer sampling. Visit some caves; Ngilgi, near Yallingup, is great and full of twisty passageways. Mammoth cave is OK, it’s self guided, you get your own headset to listen to an audio guide. We have also heard good things about Jewel Cave but never have had the opportunity to visit. The beaches in this area are gorgeous too; some are broad and sandy, others rocky and rugged. There are relatively frequent galleries for the art collectors out there as well, if only I had unlimited money…

Stalactites in Ngilgi Cave

Stalactites in Ngilgi Cave

A rugged beach in Southwest WA

A rugged beach in Southwest WA

Thanks, we hope you enjoyed the first favourites list. We are in no way experts on Perth or any other area we visit this is purely what we personally have enjoyed and would recommend.

Thanks – Two Stray Kiwi


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