My packing sins

As we get closer to leaving Perth the day looms where I must put all my clothing and other items into my dreaded pack. So far I have had everything on my ‘wishlist’ laid out on a spare bed where I will look over it al least once daily, sometimes adding an item, occasionally removing one. The remainder of my belongings have been packed up and are in one of four places: bags/boxes to be put in storage, a suitcase which will accompany us back to Dunedin and most likely be ditched at my parents (thanks!), a used clothes recycling bin or the rubbish.

Now returning to the backpack; we have both purchased a Macpac Gemini 75l pack like this one, we decided on the canvas version as we would be travelling for quite some time and wanted it to be sturdy. Every time I look at my pack I give it an evil look, mentally willing it to fit everything I want inside. Wishful thinking at it’s best! I’ll update in future posts how the packs we chose work out and my final packing list.

Our chosen packs are Macpac Gemini 75l

Our chosen packs are Macpac Gemini 75l

I’ve read my share of webpages and blogs about the “ultimate packing list” and to tell the truth they scare me; articles with lists that tell me only pack a very small amount of underwear or two t-shirts or one pair of shoes or zip-off pants/shorts (sorry can’t do it). I’ve even seem recommendations of only bringing a day-pack and living out of that! Those lists may work for some but the best advice I’ve seen so far is this: “If you don’t wear it at home you won’t wear it travelling” and it’s what I try keep in my mind whenever I’m looking at my piles of clothing.

So with my clothing and other items laid out in front of me here are my current packing sins:

  • White – I have multiple pieces of clothing which are either white or light in colour. Apparently this is a no-no as they get grubby fast. My issue; white tops go with everything, can you blame me? I’m also considering bringing my white denim shorts…double sin as they are denim (see below).
  • Denim – So apparently denim is bad; it can be bulky and slow to dry. I currently have two pairs of jeans in my packing pile and a pair of denim shorts. My reasoning: I live in jeans, they can be worn many, many times in a row without needing a clean and the pairs I have chosen are thin, light and stretchy rather than normal rigid ones.
  • Quantities – There is too many of each item. I like to have options and the thought of wearing the same two outfits over and over is a little scary. I acknowledge that I must downsize before it goes into the pack, but it’s just so hard to decide.
  • Make up – I’m taking a very small amount with me. Not too sinful I know but in some packing lists out there on the web this is not necessary. I just want to be prepared for a a few nights out.
  • Electronics – This one is a shared sin with Tom. Between the two of us we have more than the required amount of electronics needed to get by, but I’ll detail that further once everything is in the bag and I have a post on our actual list.
  • Clothes for all climates – Not sure if this one should be considered a sin. We will be away for so long and in so many different parts of the world that we are prepared for everything; from thermals to swimwear. While we are away we don’t really want to be spending our limited money on topping up on clothing so we decided to be prepared.
  • Socks – We have packed normal cotton socks, they are not high quality, lightweight, quick-dry, wool, merino or moisture-wicking.

This is just a light hearted look at our initial stages of packing, as the next 4 weeks go by our packs will become more succinct as we ditch those last few items which we are not sure about. In this case ruthlessness can be a good thing, and as we keep telling each other; there will be shops where we are headed, it’s not the end of the world if I forget to pack the right bikini.

There are still a few days before everything must go into the pack for the last time here in Perth and a few more weeks that we will be spending with family in New Zealand. Once we are reaching the end of our stay in Nelson, New Zealand I’ll post about what is in each of our packs so you can see how we went.

Happy packing to anyone else who is travelling – Lauren


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