Packing up Perth

We are packing up our lives here in Perth; jobs have concluded, de-cluttering is done and selling off furniture is in progress. Now all that is left is to ship the boxes, pack our bags and throw away any little bits and pieces we have remaining.

Personally I find the de-cluttering process quite refreshing, there is something soothing about knowing that all your belongings are minimal and located in only a few small boxes or suitcases (or a large backpack in our case). I have done this once before when Tom coaxed me into moving to Perth from little old Dunedin and once you overcome the stress and set your mind to it, it’s quite a nice task.

Of course time and organisation is the key, I’m a massive fan of writing lists. At any given time I’ll have at least a few on my phone as well as multiple excel spreadsheets. But I am in no way calling myself a pro at this.

At the moment our place is a mess, half the furniture has been sold and nothing seems to have made it’s way into a box yet…just in case we need it. But I’m confident that it will all be done by next Friday.

Our packs have yet to be packed, even a practise pack, because we are still wearing a lot of the clothes we plan on taking. Once they have been packed I’ll post more on how that has gone and what we have included. I’m a little overconfident about how I’ll get everything from my wishlist (see I told you I’m a list writer!) into the pack. Maybe I’ll invent a magical pack that weighs very little and can contain a whole wardrobe, like the tents from Harry Potter!

– Lauren

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