Turkey – Istanbul: Part one

Turkey was our first adventure together. Originally we had planned to explore South East Asia but I’m so glad we changed our mind to meet friends/family in Istanbul. The first experience was the taxi to our hostel, driving is Turkey is MAD; no apparent speed limit and making lanes in the verge is common practise from what we could gather.

A quick reunion with the people we were meeting up with, a change of clothes and it was time for our first trip out in Istanbul.

Day one started with a very rainy walk to the Metro line and consisted of exploring Sultanahmet, the old part of Istanbul. We visited the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Basilica Cistern before wandering our way back down to the Bosporus and heading to the hostel.

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Hello and welcome to our blog!

Over the next 11 months we will be blogging about our past travels and our experiences with the planning of our OE (overseas experience for all you non-kiwi). To read a little more about us check out our profile here.

Last year we spent three amazing weeks in Turkey which is a fantastic country that we highly recommend to anyone the slightest bit interested in food, history, culture and amazing scenery. So we’ll be doing more specific posts about the different regions and cities we visited while there and share some of our many, many photos.

Being New Zealanders we are pretty passionate about our country so we will be writing some posts on the trips we have been on around the South Island of NZ. We try to get back to see family and friends at least once a year. During those trips we get out by ourselves to experience some of the country we haven’t seen, so we will show you some of our favourite places.

We have lived in Perth for the last three years so we will also share some of the small travels we have done throughout Australia.

This will be our first blogging experience so bear with us while we fumble through the different techniques and writing styles, if you have any comments or suggestions let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading – two stray kiwi xxx